You are a finance professional - providing industry-leading service and dedicated to optimal performance;

We are Ethical Invest Group - committed to delivering support and training in ethical investment, ESG and sustainability;

Together, we can align best practice with positive, sustainable impact - for your business, clients, and the world.

"A rising tide lifts all ships. If every link in the investment chain; from investors to financial institutions, from business to government; if we all focus on a regenerative environment, equitable society, and resilient economy, we will create a sustainable future.”

Alexandra Brown, Ethical Invest Group

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Our mission is to reimagine the investment chain for a sustainable future, ensuring every finance professional is equipped to connect every investor with ethical investment opportunities.

Ethical investing is a win for the finance industry, a win for investors, and a win for a more sustainable future.

You know you could be a brilliant go-to person in this area, but:

There is just so much information out there
You never find enough time to consume and implement
It’s incredibly hard to filter through all the noise and get to what matters
Not to mention, it’s like a minefield avoiding all the misinformation and greenwash
That’s why we’re here: we curate the information so you don’t have to.

At Ethical Invest Group, we advocate for specialised education in ethical investing, client values, ESG and sustainability.

We do the work to collate premium industry research, provide training, tools, and support, so you can spend your time absorbing and implementing the knowledge that propels you ahead of the game.

Ethical Invest Group is on a mission to:

  • Leapfrog financial professionals to expert status in sustainable finance
  • Facilitate the easy-access of credible and relevant upskilling
  • Provide leading resources to construct a robust toolkit
  • Nurture stronger client and peer collaborations
  • Support finance professionals committed to best practice in sustainable investing
“Alexandra's positive and caring nature and her passion for responsible investment have made her a wonderful mentor, guiding students and industry professionals.”
“I think Alexandra's teaching style is excellent. Her content blew me away, in just the amount of it and how detailed it is, plus the amount of research she makes available to you that she's been finding over the last few years.”
“Working with Alexandra means I have more time to spend with my clients… Alexandra provides a professional service and knows all about ethical investing.”

Pablo Berrutti, Altiorem

Nathan Fradley, Tribeca Financial

Paul Garner, Novo Wealth

Ethical Invest Group can help you in the following ways:


Audio platform for finance professionals to upskill on the go by accessing premium industry research articles curated for relevance, educational content and credibility. Free for 30 days and new audio reports released monthly.

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For financial advisers ready to provide values-based ethical investment advice without wasting hours trying to find what they need to know. This is a self-paced, CPD accredited online program with personal support included.

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For financial organisations needing professional development in ESG, ethical investment advice, and sustainable finance. Team education, toolkit development, conference keynote, collaboration or IP development. Let us help you.


63% of finance professionals said they thought businesses that invest in ESG skills and training will see an improvement in business performance.

Business Professional People (BPP)

Our vision is to accelerate ethical investment from niche to norm.

Ethical Invest Group provides ESG and sustainable finance consulting and education to purpose-driven finance professionals, helping them feel supported, confident, and empowered to connect with their clients, and deliver expertise in ethical investment.

Alexandra Brown is the Founder of Ethical Invest Group. Since 2015, she has been working with finance professionals, providing support with ethical investments including consulting, training, fund research, and business integration systems.

Alexandra is Co-founder and Head of Research at Altiorem, an online sustainable finance library. Altiorem's mission is to lift the finance industry higher by helping advocates within organisations make the case for sustainable finance, and implement the steps needed to create real change.

Given Alexandra’s experience in the industry, her skills in providing education products, and passion for sustainability, Alexandra is perfectly positioned to accelerate the role of finance professionals and bridge the gap in ESG and ethical investment application.


We understand that as a finance professional you want to upskill in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Ethical Invest Group lays out how you can do this, while ensuring your learning is relevant, easy-to-digest, and of the highest quality.

“I think in terms of the bigger impact of Alexandra's work, I think she's pioneering something that is so absolutely required in the industry of financial services.”

Nataliya Dikovskaya, NASHAUS Consulting

If you’re a financial adviser looking to enhance the way you deliver ethical investment in your service offering, you will find the Ethical Advice Accelerator is the best way to fast-track your understanding and build the tools you need to confidently deliver values-based advice. You will have access to real-world examples and recommendations for industry best practice, founded on years of experience in this space.

We know financial advisers are keen to develop their skills in ethical investment and care deeply about their clients’ best interests, and we cannot wait to support you in becoming an industry leader in ethical investment advice.

Find out more:

If you’re part of the finance industry, you know that understanding ESG + Sustainability is non-negotiable. If you’re ready to instantly upskill in ESG, responsible investment and sustainable finance, then ESG Audios is your go-to resource.

We know finance professionals are looking for a more efficient way to access sustainable finance research that is already filtered and easy to absorb. You can try ESG Audios free for 30 days, and access the right information to help you influence and advocate for finance done better. Build your knowledge bank and become the go-to professional who is ahead of the curve and across the most credible information.

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ESG Audios


Ethical Invest Group is proud to partner with the above industry leaders. These organisations recognise the need for further education and support for finance professionals, and are vocal advocates for ethical and responsible investment.

“Alexandra's passion and enthusiasm for ethical advice is infectious, and she presents the content in a very engaging and compelling way.”
“Committed to quality outcomes, Alexandra’s focus on quality makes everything she does seem like it comes from an organisation with many times the resources and people.”
“I believe Alexandra would be a great resource for any business wanting to bolster their ethical investment advice to clients.”

Pablo Berrutti, Altiorem

Advisers, wondering where to begin?

Learn about Client Conversations with this free training:
The Ethical Invest Podcast is loved by finance professionals, advisers, and investors.

Alexandra delivers weekly snippets with the latest tips, trends, research, and action steps for incorporating ethical and responsible investments in financial advice and investment portfolios.


I've heard of ethical, responsible investing, and sustainable finance, but what does it mean?

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What resources are available to advisers to assist them to identify and combat greenwashing?

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I'm just starting out having ethical investment discussions, what do I need to know from my clients?

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Acknowledgement of Country: In the spirit of reconciliation Ethical Invest Group acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of country throughout Australia and their connections to land, sea and community. We pay our respect to their Elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.