More than ever, investors want to know their money is invested in ways that align with their values.

As a financial adviser, you have the ability to deliver advice that serves your clients, generates positive impact, and links investors with a better future. In short, being a skilled ethical adviser is good for business, good for clients, and good for the future of our planet.

But how do you confidently assess client needs and provide aligned recommendations?

"The number one expectation Australians have of their financial advisers is that they are knowledgeable about responsible investments. This has overtaken the expectation that investors prioritise returns on their investment.”

Values to Riches, RIAA 2022

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Step one is knowing where to begin when having conversations with clients about values and ethical investment preferences.

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You know you could offer even more in your practice as a financial adviser, but the concept of upskilling around ethical investing is daunting.

You may avoid client conversations about ethical investing:
  • Because you don’t know where the discussion might lead
  • As you could get asked something you’re not sure how to answer
  • You don’t want things to get awkward!

You could spend months Googling and searching for resources and tools on the fly - reacting to client questions and still not feel comfortable engaging with your clients about ethical investing.

Or, you could get help. You’re in the right place! We’re glad you’re here.

“Since completing the Accelerator program I've got a clearer process and way of articulating these concepts with clients. I've got a much better framework that I apply relating to ESG… How you articulate that to clients in a meaningful and digestible way is really important. It's critical in fact, and I feel I'm much better at that already. I can feel that it's already coming across well with clients in the way that I'm articulating it and engaging with them on these matters.”


  • You are an industry leader, confident and capable of engaging in conversations with clients about their values and ethical investment preferences.
  • Your clients share with friends at a dinner party that they are making a difference with their investments, guided by you, their trusted ethical investment financial adviser.
  • You’ve extended beyond a transactional process to a connected relationship - your clients are sharing articles with you on environmental and social issues, because they feel heard and valued - you are an integral part of their life.

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For financial advisers trying to navigate through ESG and responsible investing but feeling overloaded and unsure what help they can get.

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For financial advisers ready to provide holistic ethical investment advice without wasting hours trying to find what they need to know. This is a self-paced program with support included.

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For advisers wanting to be confident with client discussions about their values and ethical investment preferences, and remove awkward situations.

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“I would highly recommend working with Alexandra for anyone who provides ethical investment advice to clients, especially financial advisers who have clients that want their portfolios to align with their values. Alexandra provides a professional service and knows all about ethical investing.”

Paul Garner, Novo Wealth

More and more clients are expecting their values and ethical preferences to be incorporated in their superannuation and investment decisions.

Ethical Invest Group provides ethical investment consulting and education to client-focused financial advisers, supporting them with aligning strategic advice to client values, and enhancing their client proposition by delivering personalised ethical investment advice.

Alexandra Brown is the Founder of Ethical Invest Group and facilitator of the Ethical Advice Accelerator, an online program that helps advisers build the knowledge and tools they need to confidently discuss and recommend ethical investments. Since 2015, she has been working with financial planners in the Ethical Advisers’ Co-op, providing support with ethical investment advice including consulting, education, fund research, document templates and questionnaires, and is a valued member of a leading ethical advice firm’s investment committee.

Alexandra is Co-founder and Head of Research at Altiorem, an online sustainable finance library. Altiorem aggregates trending and robust research in ESG, responsible investing, and sustainable development, by facilitating a community of volunteers who summarise the research and capture the key insights. These summaries are freely available to Altiorem members, and Alexandra is responsible for maintaining the quality and integrity of the library’s resources. She hand-picks the best reports and shares them with advisers in the Ethical Advice Accelerator program.

Given Alexandra’s experience in the industry, her skills in providing education products, knowledge around top ESG issues, and passion for sustainability, Alexandra is perfectly positioned to accelerate the role of advisers in ethical investment advice.

“As a financial adviser myself, when clients started initially asking me about how they can invest ethically and how they can make sure that their money goes to support their heartfelt causes and things that they care so much about, there's no other place that could possibly help you understand such a complex topic in a very simple and easy way, that you can actually then explain and help your clients with tremendously.”

Nataliya Dikovskaya, NASHAUS Consulting

Ready to get started now?

Step one is knowing where to begin when having conversations with clients about their values.

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Connect with Client Conversations

We understand that as an adviser your first objective is to meet the financial goals of your clients.

Ethical Invest Group lays out how you can do this, while taking into account the holistic needs and values of the people you really want to help.

There are 5 steps to ethical investment advice and we support you to understand and build skills in all areas, so you can provide the best advice possible that aligns with your client’s values and ethical investment preferences.

We know you’re the kind of financial adviser who deeply cares about your clients’ best interests, and we can’t wait to support you on your way to becoming an industry leader in ethical investment advice.

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“...The wealth of knowledge that Alexandra shares with us in the course is mind-blowing and the clear and easy way that she delivers her content makes it feel more like an enjoyable pastime than just a course you have to study! Highly recommend.”
“If advisers were considering this program, if they're wanting to get into this space; SRI and ESG advice and investments, I definitely recommend it. Whether you're experienced in it or not, you can get something out of this program.”
“... I've actually just completed the Accelerator program and I found it astronomically excellent. I got so much out of it… If you are new to ethical investment advice, I would highly encourage you to take part in the course.”

Alysia Laird, Zebra Tailored Wealth

Nathan Fradley, Tribeca Financial

Vision: To accelerate ethical investment from niche to norm.

Ethical Invest Group provides ethical investment consulting and education to purpose-driven financial advisers, helping them feel supported, confident, and aligned to build deeper relationships with their clients and enhance their scope of service by providing ethical investment advice.

I already offer ethical investment options - what’s the difference?

You might see the term ‘ethical investment’ and feel that your recommendations are already ethical. We get it. In the sustainable finance industry though, ethical investments are those that specifically incorporate values and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria. Financial planners that specialise in this area are proud to call themselves ethical advisers. It doesn’t mean that your traditional advice isn’t ethical. Ethical advice in this context refers to advice that brings together client values, sustainability as well as ethical and responsible investments.

What is ESG and do advisers need to care?

ESG stands for environmental, social and governance factors. For investing, ESG factors such as: climate change, pollution and animal welfare (E); human rights, tobacco and gambling (S); and bribery, corruption and tax evasion (G), can result in material risks and opportunities for investors. ESG factors can also be important to your client and ethical advice may mean aligning your clients values with their portfolio by incorporating their social and environmental concerns. ESG has moved into mainstream finance, and advisers need to embrace it or be left behind.

What can I do if my client tells me they want to invest ethically?

More and more clients are asking their advisers to align their super and investments with their values, and seeking to avoid or support the issues that matter most to them.
It’s time for advisers to proactively ask their clients about their ethical preferences, and avoid the awkward situations that arise when the conversation is led by the client.

We provide some quick free training if you want to learn more about having confident discussions with your clients:
Connect with Client Conversations


Ethical Invest Group is proud to partner with the above industry leaders. These organisations recognise the need for further education and support for finance professionals, and are vocal advocates for ethical and responsible investment.


Learn about ESG + Sustainability in finance:
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In a three-part podcast series, Alexandra Brown speaks with four advisers who are experts in providing ethical investment advice. Listen in and learn how advisers like you are adding value to their client proposition, connecting with clients, and up-levelling their engagement through ethical investment advice.


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