Build confidence.

Provide ethical investment advice.

Meet client demand.

Become an industry leader.

Build confidence  |  Provide ethical investment advice 
Meet client demand  |  Become an industry leader

You know you’re ready to align best advice with positive, sustainable impact - for your business, clients, and the world.


You know you’re ready to align best advice with positive, sustainable impact - for your business, clients, and the world.

“...a game-changer for any adviser wanting to help their clients in this space. The wealth of knowledge that Alexandra shares with us in the course is mind-blowing...”

- Alysia Laird, Zebra Tailored Wealth

“...a game-changer for any adviser wanting to help their clients in this space. The wealth of knowledge that Alexandra shares with us in the course is mind-blowing...”

- Alysia Laird, Zebra Tailored Wealth


Introducing the Ethical Advice Accelerator, a program that will support you in becoming confident with providing ethical investment advice to meet your client’s needs. All the while, positioning yourself as an industry leader.

This comprehensive online program is 100% focused on delivering the knowledge, skills, resources, and support to Australian financial advisers who want to provide ethical and responsible investment advice.


Enroll Any Time
Access to Sept. 2024


10 Weeks, Online
3-4 Hours Per Week


$2497 AUD inc. gst
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Comprehensive video tutorials with 24.0 hours of CPD accreditation
Gain practical knowledge with real-world examples and compelling readings
Flexible online learning via PC, laptop, or handy mobile app
Short quizzes to monitor your progress and earn CPD points

Let’s start on the steps towards confident ethical investment advice.



Hear from an Accelerator Graduate

Financial Adviser, Ross Little, talks about the value he gained from joining the Ethical Advice Accelerator.


Here's how we're going to do it:

Step 1: Market

We lay the foundations with an introduction to ethical and responsible investing. We start uncovering ESG issues (environmental, social, and governance), and how these areas may be important to your clients, or used in the decision-making process of investment products. We go through some of the key drivers and global trends that are accelerating ethical investment from niche to norm.

As an adviser, we know you’re concerned about the financial performance and diversification impacts of ethical investing. We help you understand the effect on your client’s portfolio, and highlight the benefits, particularly long-term, with investing sustainably and in line with your client’s values.

Step 2: Planet

We look at the environmental factors affecting the planet, and one of the most important issues we cover is climate change. Climate change risk, especially, has more than likely already impacted your clients’ portfolios. Fossil fuel exposure is one of the biggest issues on the minds of clients.

We deep dive into other key environmental factors of ESG, such as biodiversity, animal welfare, plastics, GMOs, palm oil, and other areas of environmental destruction. We also look at positive areas of environmental sustainability such as regenerative farming, circular economy, and renewable energy.

Step 3: People

We move onto the “people” factors of ethical investing, and learn about the social and governance issues of ESG. We delve into social issues around human rights, gender diversity, modern slavery, and inequality. We also cover governance issues like bribery and corruption, remuneration, as well as board diversity and inclusion.

You’ll be able to express how social and governance issues can be used in creating ethical investment products, and become familiar with common ethical investment exclusions such as weapons, alcohol, tobacco and gambling. This is an important step in confidently describing the social and governance issues that matter most to your client.

Step 4: Product

To provide ethical advice, you'll need to know what techniques are used in ethical investment products. You will differentiate between positive and negative screening, impact investing and other types of ESG integration. This is key to matching client values with investments.

Shareholder engagement is a growing area, and you will be able to distinguish current best practice from greenwashing techniques used by fund managers. You will learn the ways to support your clients in their own shareholder advocacy.

Step 5: Implement

With strong skills now in place, you'll be able to purposefully conduct research and analysis of ethical ETFs and managed funds. Using publicly available information, we build a list of ethical products for your clients and approved product list (APL).

Through a series of templates and workbooks, we bring everything together and create the documents you need to provide the best advice for your clients. You’ll complete the program with elements for your statement of advice (SOA), databases for ESG issues and companies of concern, plus unique and personalised questionnaires for confident client discussions.

“...The wealth of knowledge that Alexandra shares with us in the course is mind-blowing and the clear and easy way that she delivers her content makes it feel more like an enjoyable pastime than just a course you have to study! Highly recommend.”

Alysia Laird, Zebra Tailored Wealth

Ethical Invest Group provides ethical investment consulting and education to purpose-driven financial advisers, helping them feel supported, confident, and aligned to build deeper relationships with their clients and enhance their scope of service by providing ethical investment advice.
Your Facilitator

Alexandra Brown

I’m Alexandra Brown, and since 2015 I’ve been working with advisers like you in the ethical investment space. I noticed more and more dedicated advisers who were doing well with their traditional financial advice, however, they wanted to enhance their offering by providing what their clients were asking for.

More and more clients were wanting their values and ethical preferences to be incorporated in their superannuation and investment decisions. And these leading advisers wanted to learn more about ethical investment advice.

Upon reading a report about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2019, I found an opportunity to make a significant difference. The SDGs are a set of global goals that aim to protect our environment, and create an equitable planet for all people. There was a diagram showing the investment chain, and how money travels from people/investors to the SDGs, through organisations, financial institutions, foundations, and governments.

It was clear to me that financial advisers are an integral link in the investment chain and an imperative inclusion towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Given my experience in the industry, my skills in providing education products, and passion for sustainability, I am perfectly positioned to accelerate the role of advisers in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by upskilling advisers as quickly and comprehensively as possible.

“...I believe Alexandra would be a great resource for any business wanting to bolster their ethical investment advice to clients.”
The Accelerator program enables financial advisers to deeply understand and gain the confidence to implement holistic ethical investment advice.
There are many benefits to completing the Accelerator program and including ethical investment advice in your service offering:
  • Being proactive about initiating client conversations regarding their values and feeling confident in leading these discussions.
  • Ethical investment conversations enable your client to feel heard and engaged in your services, expanding your advice to more than a mere transaction.
  • Become an industry leader, confident and capable of engaging in conversations with clients about their values and ethical investment preferences.
  • Understand how to go about finding a product that meets client ethical investment preferences, alongside the equally important lifestyle needs and financial goals.
  • Improved relationships means more recommendations by clients as their trusted ethical investment financial adviser.
  • Enhance your service provision through connected relationships, and grow in importance with your clients, who see you as an integral part of their life.
Ethical investment conversations bring what can typically be a one-way street for advisers, into a relationship that considers best interests and incorporates your client’s values and ethical preferences, without sacrificing performance.

We know that you don’t want to feel uncomfortable, awkward and irrelevant.

That’s why you need to build certainty, knowledge, and the resources to continually enhance your ethical advice expertise.
"...I've actually just completed the [Accelerator program] and I found it astronomically excellent. I got so much out of it...”

Nathan Fradley, Tribeca Financial

When you have the Accelerator knowledge under your belt, you’ll feel:

  • Confident in client conversations.
  • The satisfaction and extra sense of pride that comes from knowing you are providing the best advice possible.
  • Assured you are in touch with current trends.
  • Aligned with client values and needs.
  • Relaxed knowing you'll have happy, engaged clients that trust you.
  • Excited to be a leader in the field and part of a changing world.
  • A sense of joy knowing you don’t have to sacrifice what you believe in to have a flourishing business.
“...[Completing the Accelerator program] means I will be better at helping my clients with their wishes, which is always good.”

Alysia Laird, Zebra Tailored Wealth

This is for financial advisers who:

  • Truly care about their clients’ needs.
  • Have at least an inkling that sustainability is important.
  • Are purpose-driven.
  • Have a desire to connect with their clients on a deeper level.
  • Want to attract new clients by providing the best holistic advice.

Who this is NOT for:

  • Advisers outside Australia (we will be expanding to New Zealand in the future - let us know where we should go next).
  • Advisers that have no say as to what goes on the APL (and they don’t have ethical and responsible products on their APL already).
  • Advisers who don’t have the capacity to invest a few hours per week in undertaking the program - feel free to bookmark this for when you have more time.
“...If you are new to ethical investment advice, I would highly encourage you to take part in the course!”

Nathan Fradley, Tribeca Financial


$2497 AUD

$1898 AUD  

One Payment Upfront, use discount code CLIENTS2024

or two monthly payments of $1250 AUD $950 AUD with discount code

Special group pricing available  |  Contact us for group enrolment options



We are here to support you in working out if this program is right for you. If you would like to speak to someone about whether or not this is the best fit for you, please email [email protected] to book a call.


Hear what past members are saying about the Accelerator

Certified Ethical Investment Adviser, Nathan Fradley, talks about the value he gained from joining the Ethical Advice Accelerator.



“This is a fantastic and much needed education offering for financial advisers by Alexandra Brown...I regularly receive feedback on how brilliant she is as a trainer and mentor [with Altiorem]. This course will also be of the highest quality! Check it out!”

Pablo Berrutti, Altiorem


$2497 AUD 

$1898 AUD  

One Payment Upfront, use discount code CLIENTS2024

or two monthly payments of $1250 AUD $950 AUD with discount code

Special group pricing available |  Contact us for group enrolment options


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