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Ready to upskill, and consume those reports that have been sitting around gathering digital dust?


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Ready to upskill, and consume those reports that have been sitting around gathering digital dust?

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“Audio resources will allow you to engage with a text in a novel way that allows you, as a learner, to get a refreshingly new perspective on the content.”

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ESG Audios

Introducing ESG Audios, a global curated platform for financial professionals to upskill on-the-go. Listen to top research reports professionally narrated by premier AI technology, and build your expertise via flexible learning with easy-to-absorb, relevant, and credible information that fits in with your schedule.


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We take the time to filter finance research reports, so you don’t have to!

You will have access to a curated selection of credible research in ESG and sustainable finance.

  • You will see a variety of perspectives - sometimes controversial - but always well-researched, robust and worthy of consideration
  • We will keep you free from the proliferation of ESG misinformation and greenwashing
  • Each report you listen to will be hand-picked and quality-assured
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Alexandra Brown has been experimenting with different ways to efficiently absorb ESG and sustainable finance knowledge since 2015. As a finance professional, you know you need to keep up-to-date with this constantly changing space, but reading report after report is impossible to fit in with work, family, and life commitments.

What about podcasts?

Like many finance professionals, Alexandra listens to podcasts on socially responsible investing and sustainable finance. Many don’t quite hit the mark, don’t actually answer the question or get to the point, are uninteresting, filled with ‘fluff’, or hard to digest. Sadly, while some episodes are diamonds in the rough, podcasts can often feel frustrating and like a waste of time.

What about written reports?

Altiorem is a brilliant online library, filled with written summaries and key insights from leading sustainable finance reports from across the globe.

As Head of Research at Altiorem, Alexandra reads a wide range of articles and research that expand her understanding of the role finance plays in sustainable development. But, while the reports are hard-hitting, focused and relevant, there is not enough time to read in full every piece being submitted for inclusion in the library. Some are over 300 pages!

What’s the solution?

Alexandra came up with a solution for finance professionals to overcome these barriers, so we can now listen and upskill on-the-go.

ESG Audios showcases the excellent research in ESG, sustainability, and responsible investing, and delivers it in audio format ready for you to consume on your commute, during your workout, while pottering around the house, running errands, doing the garden, walking in your lunch break, or any other time that suits your lifestyle.

Flexible. Relevant. Up to date.

That’s what ESG Audios delivers so you can stay at the forefront of the industry.
“I’m thrilled I can now listen on-the-go and finally take those reports out of the to-be-read pile and into my knowledge bank.”

Alexandra Brown, Altiorem

60% of consumers believe that audio communication is more memorable than visual communication.

Getasound PHMG Study 2020

Upskill instantly in ESG + Sustainability

ESG Audios is your go-to resource for up-levelling your knowledge and expertise in ESG, responsible investing and sustainable finance.


ESG audios is for anyone in finance and business who needs to improve their understanding of ESG issues, sustainability, and ethical or responsible investment. This includes, but is not limited to, investment analysts, fund managers, pension and super teams, business development managers, financial advisers, sustainability experts, ESG specialists, and sustainable finance consultants and team members.


We connect you to the best information, so you can hold your own, if not become an expert, in ESG + Sustainability in your role.

  • You will save time because we filter everything online into a manageable list of must-listen reports
  • You get to benefit from Alexandra Brown’s years of experience in sifting through piles of research to distil what is credible and robust
  • You will protect yourself against the anti-ESG narrative and greenwashing movement which is rife with misinformation


  • Quality humanised AI-narrated reports
  • Ongoing, intelligent, and reliable knowledge
  • Categorised reports with easy-to-digest previews
  • Ability to save favourites and build your unique resource bank
  • Access to peer-rated recommendations


  • You will stay up-to-date and relevant
  • You will have the ability to advocate, influence, and provide multi-perspective evidence
  • You will be able to confidently participate in boardroom discussions and meetings
  • You will refine your presentations and reports with handy charts and references
  • You will provide solutions that expertly match client needs


Alexandra Brown

Alexandra Brown is the Founder of ESG Audios and Ethical Invest Group. Since 2015, she has been reviewing literature and conducting research in ESG and ethical investing. During five years of academic research, she developed model ESG portfolios, testing whether ethical portfolios performed better than traditional portfolios. Agreeing with the majority of research in this space, her own results show no significant difference in returns when investing ethically, and confirm the likelihood of a long-term bias, meaning ethically-tilted portfolios may in fact perform better in the long run. Her research was developed upon a literature review of more than 300 peer-reviewed journal articles.

Alexandra is also Head of Research at Altiorem, a sustainable finance library, and Co-founder alongside Pablo Berrutti and Mariana Wheatley. Alexandra and the team began building Altiorem in 2019, and the organisation has now grown to include a library and resource centre with nearly 2,000 members. Altiorem’s community-built model has seen more than 100 volunteers write and catalogue hundreds of research summaries and organisation profiles.

“Alexandra has been a key reason for the success of Altiorem, building our critical systems, standards for quality and review and volunteer training program. Alexandra has also played a key role in the development of Altiorem’s strategy.”
- Pablo Berrutti, Altiorem

Alexandra is responsible for ensuring the quality of the library is upheld, and led the development of a detailed taxonomy to categorise the reports, for enhanced search capabilities and improved member experience.

Given Alexandra’s experience in the industry, her skills in research analysis and categorisation, and her network of finance professionals, Alexandra is perfectly positioned to lead your learning through the curated ESG Audios platform. She remains informed, connected, and up-to-date through her extensive network of ESG and finance experts, her vast and varied research and development projects, and her drive to make sustainable investing the norm.


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Knowledge Areas

Curating the content for your ease-of-access to information that is relevant for you, we have categories including:
  • Sustainable Finance Fundamentals
  • Trends and Market Drivers
  • ESG Issues
  • Climate and Just Transition
  • Biodiversity and Nature
  • Society and Community Development
  • Engagement and Shareholder Advocacy
  • Governance
  • Reporting and Disclosure
  • Policy and Regulation
  • Responsible Investment Techniques
  • Risk and Return
  • Investment Product Development
  • Sustainable Development Goals

Click below to hear some sample audio recordings:

Sample 1

A4S Finance Leaders' Sustainability Barometer

Accounting for Sustainability (A4S)

Sample 2

Winning without win-win? Recommendations on financial market strategies for Biodiversity and Nature

Preventable Surprises

Sample 3

How can businesses thrive in a sustainable economy?

Sara Fossum, Altiorem



Ethical Invest Group is proud to partner with the above industry leaders. These organisations recognise the need for further education and support for finance professionals, and are vocal advocates for ethical and responsible investment.

Audio versions of information are found to be easier to consume relative to visual versions of the same content.

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You can listen to the audio version of something wherever you are or even while doing other tasks that require physical can also listen to resources and be able to learn while even at the gym.

Atlas Primer

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