Build expertise in ESG.

Stand out with quality sustainable investment advice.

Attract and retain clients.

Confidently articulate your client proposition.

Build expertise in ESG  |  Stand out with quality sustainable investment advice 
Attract and retain clients  |  Confidently articulate your client proposition

Ready to transform your advice practice into a values-aligned powerhouse?


Ready to transform your advice practice into a values-aligned powerhouse?

“...a game-changer for any adviser wanting to help their clients in this space. The wealth of knowledge that Alexandra shares with us in the course is mind-blowing...”

- Alysia Laird, Zebra Tailored Wealth

“...a game-changer for any adviser wanting to help their clients in this space. The wealth of knowledge that Alexandra shares with us in the course is mind-blowing...”

- Alysia Laird, Zebra Tailored Wealth


Introducing Sustainable Investment Advice, a course that will help you master values-based advice, navigate ESG complexities with confidence, and elevate your practice to meet the future of finance.

Why read on?

You're already good at what you do, but you know there's room to improve in your understanding of ESG. Dive into the world of sustainable investing, where¬†expertly aligning values with investments isn't just possible ‚ÄĒ it's your new reality.


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Do you feel the growing demand for ethical and sustainable investments but find yourself grappling with the how?

  • Clients increasingly seek investments that match their values, but the path isn't always clear.
  • The landscape of ESG criteria and sustainable investment products evolves rapidly, leaving you searching for solid ground.
  • You strive to be more than just an adviser; you want to be a guide towards a sustainable future, yet the roadmap is unclear.
"I've completed the course¬†and I found it astronomically excellent. I got so much out of it.‚ÄĚ

Nathan Fradley, Tribeca Financial

Imagine confidently navigating the sustainable investment terrain, equipped with expertise and resources

Lead with authority on ESG and sustainable investing, turning complex concepts into actionable advice.
Confidently distinguish genuine sustainable investments from greenwashed products with ease.
Foster deeper client relationships through aligned values and impactful investment strategies.

Let’s get started building your compelling advice offering.



Welcome to Sustainable Investment Advice

This Australian and New Zealand adviser-focused course empowers you to confidently engage, research and advise clients with ethical values and sustainable investing objectives. Four effective learning pillars equip you with tools, templates and checklists to streamline the integration into your existing processes. 

ESG and sustainable investing strategies

A comprehensive overview of ethical investing, sustainability, and key ESG issues (environmental, social, and governance). Learn strategies and techniques including positive screening, divestment, engagement, sustainability themes and impact. Explore market trends, demand, financial performance and diversification through the lens of sustainable investing.

Investment research and client portfolios

Research, analyse and compare sustainable investments including managed funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Differentiate ESG, investment processes and ethical charters used by fund managers and discern quality over greenwashing. Compile a list of preferred ethical and sustainable investment products for your clients and approved product list (APL).

Client conversations and advice processes

Implement your unique and personalised fact finding process and systemise client discussions about ethical preferences.  Establish your go-to resource bank for ESG issues and values and have everything in place for engaging client meetings. Build the elements and commentary for your advice documents and be prepared to provide the best advice for your clients.

Solutions to attract and retain clients

Craft your sustainable investment philosophy and effectively convey the rationale to your clients, and throughout your website and communications. Develop a strategy to promote and introduce your ethical and sustainable investment services to new and existing clients. Create assets and ongoing collateral to nurture and connect with clients such as newsletters, articles, and education packs.

“...The wealth of knowledge that Alexandra shares with us in the course is mind-blowing and the clear and easy way that she delivers her content makes it feel more like an enjoyable pastime than just a course you have to study! Highly recommend.”

Alysia Laird, Zebra Tailored Wealth

Sustainable Investment Advice helps you confidently provide quality values-based advice and enhance your client value proposition.

What we do

  • Equip you with cutting-edge knowledge and tools for¬†values-based investing.
  • Simplify the ESG landscape with practical, real-world applications.
  • Transform your advisory practice into a beacon of values and sustainability in finance.

How we do it

  • Engaging¬†video tutorials and relevant real-world case studies.
  • Access to a supportive community of like-minded professionals.
  • Templates and practical resources to apply¬†sustainable investing¬†advice directly to your practice.
The best part: You're not just learning; you're creating assets for your advisory service and future proofing your business.
“...I believe Alexandra would be a great resource for any business wanting to bolster their ethical investment advice to clients.”

You get this:

  • Confidence to discuss and recommend ethical and sustainable investments.
  • A structured approach to integrating ESG into client portfolios.
  • Ability to lead in the rapidly evolving field of sustainable finance.

None of this:

  • Overwhelm from trying to navigate the sustainable investing space alone.
  • Missed opportunities to connect with clients on a deeper level.
  • Stagnation in a finance industry moving towards sustainability and stewardship.
The Sustainable Investment Advice course empowers financial advisers with a comprehensive understanding of ESG and sustainable investing, and the assets and value proposition to attract new customers and nurture existing clients.



ESG and sustainable investment advice

A tailored introduction to sustainable investing for financial advisers in Australia and New Zealand, covering ESG fundamentals, investment strategies, and the balance of performance, risk, diversification, and ethics. It covers the spectrum of sustainable investment strategies, and helps advisers articulate their personal motivations for offering sustainable investment advice, fostering the development of a robust sustainable investment philosophy.



Market drivers and sustainability trends

This module unpacks the intricate web of consumer demand, regulatory pressures, and global sustainability challenges that are shaping the landscape of investment today. By examining everything from the regulatory environment to the impact of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), advisers are equipped with the knowledge to navigate and leverage these trends for more informed, sustainable investment strategies.



Nature and climate change risks and opportunities

A comprehensive look into the critical issues of climate change and nature loss, focusing on corporate disclosure and sustainable investing. Advisers are equipped with the knowledge to navigate the complex landscape of biodiversity, climate, and environmental risks and opportunities. Special attention is given to practical methods for integrating these considerations into client portfolios.


ESG issues for adviser and client readiness

A succinct exploration into the key ESG issues advisers need to be aware of when guiding their clients in sustainable investment. Spanning environmental, social, and governance themes, it covers a broad spectrum of topics from deforestation and animal welfare to modern slavery and greenwashing. Advisers are equipped with the knowledge to identify and evaluate ESG investment themes, and the confidence to meaningfully discuss ESG issues with clients.



Sustainable investment strategies

Diving into the realm of sustainable investment techniques, this module equips financial advisers with the knowledge and tools to evaluate investment products and ethical charters. Strategies covered include ESG integration, negative and positive screening, corporate engagement, sustainability-themed investing, and impact investing. It highlights the importance of aligning these strategies with clients' sustainability objectives.



Engagement and shareholder advocacy

A comprehensive exploration of topics such as proxy voting, corporate engagement, stewardship, and utilising platforms like ACCR and Market Forces. Advisers are shown how to effectively advocate for sustainability within the companies their clients invest in, identify strong ESG commitments and engagement policies from fund managers, and engage with product providers to ensure investments align with clients' sustainability goals.


Research, compare and recommend

This module delves into the critical aspects of researching, comparing, and recommending sustainable investments, equipping advisers with the skills to make informed decisions that align with their clients' values. From understanding ESG ratings and analysing investments, to constructing diverse portfolios and identifying greenwashing, this module covers a broad spectrum of essential topics in sustainable investment advice.


Client communications and advice solutions

Tailored strategies for advisers to engage clients effectively, from initial conversations and fact finds about values to ongoing education and portfolio alignment. This module offers practical tools for leveraging positive impact stories, constructing articulate communications, and attracting new clients interested in values-based advice. It highlights the role of certifications and professional memberships in establishing credibility.


With Sustainable Investment Advice, you'll:

  • Stand out in a crowded market by offering specialised, sought-after advice.
  • Build stronger, values-driven relationships with your clients.
  • Lead the charge towards a sustainable future, one investment at a time.
The future of finance is sustainability, and you're at the forefront.


Let's get started.
“...If you are new to ethical investment advice, I would highly encourage you to take part in the course!”

Nathan Fradley, Tribeca Financial


This is for you if:

  • You're a financial adviser eager to lead in ethical and sustainable investments, committed to learning and applying ESG principles, and looking to deepen client relationships.

This is NOT for you if:

  • You're not open to evolving your advising practice, prefer traditional investment strategies without considering ESG impacts, or lack the commitment to complete the course.

Take advantage of this limited-time offer and secure your spot in Sustainable Investment Advice today.

Join a community shaping the future of values-based and strategic advice and make a difference!


$750 USD +GST

$600 USD + GST  

One payment upfront, use discount code EARLY

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Early Bird presale offer is available for a limited time in May.*

*Secure your spot for Sustainable Investment Advice opening June 2024.


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We are here to support you in working out if this¬†course is right for you. If you would like to speak to someone about whether or not this is the best fit for you, your team, or dealer group, please email [email protected]¬†to book a call.

Your Facilitator

Alexandra Brown

I'm Alexandra Brown, dedicated to helping advisers like you navigate the complex world of ESG and sustainable investments. With nearly a decade of experience working with advisers, I created this course to share the knowledge and strategies that will set you apart in the financial advising world, ensuring you're not just meeting the current investor demand but leading the way towards a sustainable future.

More and more clients are wanting their values and sustainability preferences incorporated in their superannuation, KiwiSaver and investment decisions.

I have a rich background in sustainable investment, supporting advisers since 2015 and engaging deeply with ESG research through nearly a decade in academia. My journey includes co-founding a sustainable finance library in 2019, being a sought-after speaker at top responsible investment forums, and successfully growing my company Ethical Invest Group. This blend of experiences offers unique, actionable insights drawn from years dedicated to sustainable finance, business, and advice.

My combination of industry experience, educational expertise, and a passion for sustainability uniquely equips me to empower advisers. My goal is to rapidly and effectively enhance your skills, driving forward the Sustainable Development Goals through informed, values-based advice.


“This is a fantastic and much needed education offering for financial advisers by Alexandra Brown...I regularly receive feedback on how brilliant she is as a trainer and mentor [with Altiorem]. This course will also be of the highest quality! Check it out!”

Pablo Berrutti, Altiorem

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Join us now and pave the way for a sustainable future in advice.


$750 USD +GST

$600 USD + GST  

One payment upfront, use discount code EARLY

SAVE 20%


Early Bird presale offer is available for a limited time in May.*

*Secure your spot for Sustainable Investment Advice opening June 2024.


Special group pricing available  |  Contact us for group enrolment options


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