007. I'm just starting out having ethical investment discussions, what do I need to know from my clients?


For the fifth and final question in the Ask Me Anything for Ethical Investment Week series, we look at different styles of questions that financial advisers can use for client conversations about ethical investment preferences.

We discuss in detail the following types of questionnaires:

  1. Open-ended questions about the issues that your client may wish to avoid or preference in their portfolio.
  2. Using a list of ethical preferences and determining whether your client wants to support, avoid, or analyse further.
  3. Uncovering your client's ESG profile - the environmental, social, and governance issues that matter most to your client, and the materiality thresholds that make for some juicy discussions.
  4. Letting your client rank the issues that matter most to them. A helpful first step in determining the ethical and responsible investment products that would best match your client's needs and values.

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Also mentioned in this episode, is the Ethical Advice Accelerator. Now live and ready for registration, the Accelerator program is the most efficient and comprehensive way for a financial adviser to incorporate ESG and ethical investing in advice and discussions with clients.