010. Ethical advisers are a little extra - Part 3 of 3 for EIW2022

In this episode, Alexandra Brown speaks with four advisers who are experts in providing ethical investment advice, as we highlight the extra value that specialist ethical investment advisers bring to their clients.

We ask each adviser the following questions:

  1. Describe a couple of ways you deliver extra value to your clients as a specialist in ethical investment advice.
  2. What attracts clients to you as an ethical adviser? What are they looking for, and what solutions are you delivering?
  3. What's the best piece of feedback you've received as an ethical adviser?

This is episode three of a three-part series for Ethical Investment Week 2022. Ethical Investment Week is coordinated by the Ethical Advisers’ Co-op, a group of leading advisers across Australia and New Zealand who specialise in advice that aligns client values with ethical and responsible investments. This year, Ethical Investment Week is themed You and Your Ethical Adviser.

Our guests in this episode are specialist ethical investment advisers and members of the Ethical Advisers’ Co-op:

Karen McLeod | Certified Ethical Investment Adviser - Ethical Investment Advisers

Adam Carey Financial Adviser - Ethical Investment Services

Dr Rodger Spiller Managing Director and Financial Adviser - Money Matters

Kathryn Fitch-Daniels | Certified Financial Planner - Ethinvest

Alexandra has been privileged to work with advisers in the Ethical Advisers’ Co-op since 2015, and they are incredibly client-focused, dedicated, and purpose-driven professionals. They are the inspiration for this episode, where we shine a light on the extra value these advisers bring to their clients and businesses.

Ethical advisers are adding another component to their advice offering. They find out their clients’ ethical values, what they like to avoid and support, and this helps build a deeper understanding of their client, which they bring into their planning process. It is not just goals, risks, and assets; it is extra. Sometimes it is as simple as listening, or letting their client vent to them after seeing the latest report on climate change. Or perhaps, it is the critical protection they provide their clients against greenwash. 

We finish this episode hearing the wonderful feedback these advisers receive from their clients, and the great comfort they provide. Clients feel valued and well understood, they appreciate the personalisation, and feel peace of mind that their investments are safe, secure, and have a long-term focus. We hear how rewarding this is for advisers, and how their happy and engaged clients are lighting THEM up.

Dr Rodger Spiller mentioned his own podcast episode, featuring an interview with a new Money Matters client, Mark. Together, Rodger and Mark explore the why, what and how of the ethical investment journey. You can find out more and listen here.

Dr Spiller also suggests adding a question for clients 'what kind of ancestor do you want to be?', and this ties in with 'wayfinding', which was last year's theme for Ethical Investment Week. You can watch the webinar on wayfinding, and learn more here.

Also mentioned in this episode is the great work and resources of the Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA). which both advisers and investors can discover here.

This is the third and final episode of this three-part series for Ethical Investment Week 2022.


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